Cartridge, Sed Pltd, 9.75" 5 uM
Highly efficient filter cartridges made of pleated Polyester-Plus filter media for low pressure drop, high flow capability, increased contaminant removal, long filter runs, reusability and the lowest cost per gallon filtered.
Minncare Residual Test Strips
Minncare® Test Strips Validated Peracetic Acid Test Strips
Minncare Test Strips provide quick results with easyto-read indicators. Use the Minncare 1% TS Test Strips as a pass/fail measurement for adequate concentration of sterilant after dilution. Then verify residual levels after rinse-out using Minncare Residual Test Strips. Minncare Peracetic Acid Test Strips represent the leading edge of test strip technology. Designed by the producers of Minncare Cold Sterilant, these test strips combine ease-of-use with precise results. Both the Minncare 1% TS and the Minncare Residual Test Strips may be used up to and including the last day of the month indicated by the expiration printed on the container even after opening. There is no need to separately record and verify container opening dates.
RoClean P111 - 10lb MiniPail High pH Membrane Cleaner
RoClean P111 is a powdered cleaner designed to remove silt and organic foulants such as colloidal silica, clays, organic color and bacterial slime from spiral wound polyamide elements. This formulation is temperature compensated to ensure that the cleaning solution remains in the effective pH range regardless of variations in solution temperature. RoClean P111 has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for off‐line use in drinking water systems.

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