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Carbon, Coconut Shell 12x40 Acid Washed Dry CuFt Bag MB30-Mix Bed DI Resin
MB30-Mix Bed DI Resin
Our Price: $256.43
Carbon, Coconut Shell 12x40 Acid Washed Dry CuFt Bag
ResinTech AGC-40 CS is a coconut shell based, premium grade, granular activated carbon supplied as either DRY or PREMOISTENED granules with a size range of 12 to 40 mesh. The pore structure is carefully
controlled to facilitate the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight organic molecules. RESINTECH AGC-40 CS is intended for use in dechlorinating water and reducing organic impurities, as pretreatment for
reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems. RESINTECH AGC-40 CS is harder than most coal based carbons and releases less carbon fines.

Mixed Bed Resin
Grade: IonPlus™ MB-30
Appearance: Spherical beads
Description: High capacity homogeneous mixture of strong acid cation and strong base anion for direct purification of water. It is suitable for use in regenerable and nonregenerable cartridges and for deionization with high silica removal efficiency.
Typical Properties: Ionic form, supplied H/OH
Water retention, H form 45-50%
OH form 53-60%
Volume ratio, supplied
Cation 50% CA-11
Anion 50% AN-20
Total exchange capacity
Cation 2.0 meq/ml min
Anion 1.3 meq/ml min
Shipping weight 0.70 – 0.74 g/ml
Particle size 0.4 – 1.2 mm
Operating Conditions:
Operating temperature 60°C max
pH range 0 -14