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CM20201 Test Strip 0.1 ppm Chlorine / Chloramine - 6 (100 Per)
WaterCheck 2

For Low Levels of Chlorine / Chloramine

1. Sensitive to low levels of chloramine..

• Detection sensitivity is about 0.05 ppm chloramine.

• Reacts with both chlorine and chloramine.

• Best for total protection of chlorine/chloramine contamination.

• Monitor carbon tank water purification step for AAMI standards compliance.

2. Clear and easy to read positive color.

• No confusion distinguishing positive and negative colors.

• Color intensity reflect different levels of chloramine, even to a trace level.

• Can detect early sign of chlorine leak in the carbon tank water before the situation became acute.

3. Easy to use and takes only 30 seconds.

• Consistent and reliable results in 30 seconds.

• Consistent lot to lot quality

• No mixing of solutions, no counting of drops to reduce errors.

• No waiting of minutes for the results to slow you down.